WELCOME. The Museum of Drawing is dedicated to the online display, appreciation and criticism of the fine art of drawing.


Title: R45<D1b|D0bl>Pi. Artist: Gary G. Erickson. Description: Life Drawing in 2 poses of model Dorrie Mack. Media: Colored chalk on a half sheet of light yellow Ingres drawing paper. Colored by Insagtram on an apple 6 iPhone.  Date: Toronto 8.16.2015. 


      WHY? - An onlne museum is an active discourse about a category of practices, rather than just a public collection of artifacts on display.

      ART DISCOURSE - The mission of the Museum of Drawing is to create a private point of online discourse about the practice of drawing in the fine arts. The discourse could address questions such as; What is the evolution of drawing, What function does drawing provide today, What could drawing's depict, and how, Is there a relationship to other knowledges, and To what extent could drawing survive as a fine art in the future? 


      NO BUILDINGS - You may have realized by now this museum has no building, budget or collections in its vault. There is no museum shop where you can purchase prints for your condo. No investors will make millions from the sale of these objects, and pay no royalties to the artist. There are no non-profit tax loopholes.

      NO PATRONS - This museum has no benefactors, no patrons of the arts. It is the work of one person, who assumes all the responsibility of the works production, finance, storage, critique and presentation, and dragging to the trash. 

      NO INVENTORY - Due to this self ownership of the work and its effects, the smallest expression is the most efficient, a drawing. There are no damned white gallery spaces to fill.


     NO ART DEBT - This museum has gone its own way. It's not interested in the large, white spaces full of felt, the Warhol art parties full of aspiring actors, and the art students full of debt. Save your money.

     NO HYPE - It is unimportant that you read this. There is no message. Nothing will change. This museum of drawing is a funny ghost costume, pages a white sheet. The gallery is dead, but its spirit limps on.


     NO PUBLIC ART - Art will not feed the poor. Most of the intellectual benefits of art go to the artist, not the art public.  Why should the public be enticed into supporting an art activity that it doesn't benifit from?

     NO ART ZOMBIES - Art commerce is the trace of the wealthy in our society, worthy of a George Grosz drawing. Art patrons should be carefull. Art stars are the fabled useful idiots, enshrining their patrons status, taking the embarrassing spotlight, and making the smallest cut for the most risk. Everyone dances the zombie dance, even though the music is bad.

     NO GRANTS - This museum does not believe in seeking grants. It is not a non profit organization. It does not seek your hard earned dollars. Save your money for a rainy day, or better, feed a loved one. Those who give and receive art grants against public opinion are stealing food out of hungry peoples mouths around the world.

     NO GALLERIES - This museum hopes you can create your own museum, to your own art practice, safe from all the corruption. Most museums and galleries are interested in what you sell for, not in what you are. Your Instagram followers are more genuinely interested than bored gallery patrons. 

     NO STRESS - You don't have to travel to this museum. Frank Gehry will not be designing the building at your expense. Your property tax will not go up. Parking is free, as you don't need a spot. No gentrification.

     NO FINANCE - There is no insurance expense. You don't have to ship this art. No broker will recommend this museum or it's art. No commissions are asked or paid.

     NO COPYRIGHT - Please steal this art. There is no enforced copyright. I won't be chasing you for royalties. No rude phone calls. Just right click, download and print.  The originals are mine, the images are for everyone.

     NO SUPREMACY - There will be no quiz, no midterm, no exam. Relax. This is not a race for supremacy. Everyone is equal. At last we can share it all, at least digitally.

     NO ART SUCCESS - This museum doesn't try to change the art system. It has little interest in the way art is made today or exhibited. It doesn't care if your successful, or popular. Good for you. Now pay your taxes.

      NO SICKNESS - This museum is dedicated to the health and well being of the artist. Can you remember anyone saying this? No. There is a reason why your parents didn't want you to be an artist. It's because it can be bad for you, like an expensive addiction.


     DISTILL YOURSELF - This is a museum of Neo-Paleolithic Art. It is a simulation of art outside modern civilization, tainted with modern advances.
     TRANSCEND CULTURE - Google 'Paleo Art” to see dinosaur images of the Paleo, a world before writing was invented. By costrast, NeoPaleo art transcends the notion of human cultural evolution.  This museum skips back a few 1,000 years, then skips ahead 1,000 years, to knit the span of time together. What will remain of human artistic practices?  What is really necessary in art?

     ACT! - A Neo-Paleo art distills the indispensable act of art for homo sapiens, and removes the rest. What are those acts? Note: Cheating on the Paleo diet is recommended. Don't restrict your tastes.

     WRITE! - If you do, or don't like this museum, or its art, please tell me why on the blog page. It's good to vent. Dialog is good. I must warn you though, if you don't create your own Instagram museum with your own art I may feel your not a true Neo-Paleo artist. Sketch on a napkin. Post it. In the Neo-Paleo, the artists rule, not the art market.


     IF YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR you may want to go even farther into this museum. Let me show you the way. There is nothing to pay, and no memberships. The menu bar a the top gives you free access to a clickable table of contents or TOC, individual collections of drawing pages await your viewing, the links defined terms and info for you, the contact page is there if you want to email me, and finally, the blog at the end is for you writers to use. Ok fine no-one has used it, yet. Hope never dies.


     It has been my great pleasure to personally put this site and all its contents together for you, fellow lovers of the fine art of drawing. Long may drawing rule the fine arts.


Gary G. Erickson. Director of MOD.


© Gary G. Erickson 2016